Courtyard of the Gate

In the Viana Palace, after the sober white walls, barely dotted with open spaces that let us guess the interior, we find the delight of the courtyards, those spaces where the architecture is put to the service of the garden and a tribute is paid to the plants, the flowers, the water and the light. In the courtyards of the Viana palace, art materializes in the simple experience of smelling, seeing and feeling the living.
In the Viana palace we can we can enjoy twelve courtyards and a garden among other things such as the Chapel courtyard, the Cancela courtyard, the Patio del Pozo, the Patio de los Gatos, the Patio de la Madama
In the five centuries of history of the palace of Viana the courtyards have always been the protagonists of this building that has been growing through time. A house inhabited until the end of the 20th century by noble families, and yet filled of a great popular flavor. The Cordovan Patio, heir to the Roman and Arab tradition, has in Viana its widest historical representation

Alicia Méndez

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