Erasmusdays 2020

The Erasmusdays 2020 will take place from October 15 to 17, 2020 and of course we will take part as BHAK Vienna 10. Due to the Corona crisis, we unfortunately have to do without big events like in the previous year and switch to shared events in the respective class association.

The pupils think of numerous activities to carry out with their classmates. In order to make the Erasmusdays really present for everyone in the schoolhouse, Erasmus flags are distributed in the schoolhouse and a banner for the Erasmusdays is activated on the school website. In this way, not only all pupils and teachers but also visitors to our homepage should become aware of the Erasmusdays. The activities are also posted on Instagram and Facebook. The students were extremely active in the matter and were able to realize numerous creative ideas.

The pupils are motivated to cooperate with a poster that is hung up everywhere in the school building.

The pupils from different classes dealt with the subject of Erasmus, the European Union and the project topics of the two current Erasmus + projects. Classes 1BS, 2BS, 2CK, 2AD, 3BK, 4AK, 4CK, among others, were very committed to the cause. Videos were shot, photo collages and photo montages created, word clouds designed, group pictures cut together and much more. The results are published on the website

The 2nd grades of the BHAK Vienna 10 were especially concerned with the Viennese coffee house tradition, as they take part in the Erasmus + project “The city we live in”. The students made a video of a coffee mug traveling. The pupils recorded video sequences at home in which a coffee mug is passed through the picture. These video sequences were then cut together to form an overall video.

The pupils also recorded what they found great about the Erasmus project and why they took part in it.

Another class drew a picture on the board and thus recorded their thoughts on the Erasmus project. Another class made photo collages.

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