Exhibition and concert of the Romanian gypsy community

The cooperation and solidarity workshop of our project has organized an exhibition, concert and colloquium on the subject of immigration. The majority of the neighbors of the Cordovan courtyards at the beginning of the 20th century were immigrants from the countryside. They knew the deprivations of poverty, but also mutual help and solidarity.
Currently, the Romanian gypsy community is going through similar living conditions in our city. Besides, they must face another difficulty: the misunderstanding and prejudice of a large part of our society.
That is why we have asked to the association Acisgru, which works to defend their rights, to allow us to install a photographic exhibition in the hall of our institute.
Many groups of students have visited the exhibition, accompanied by their teachers and guided by a member of the NGO.
In addition, we have organized a concert of Romanian music, which has been a great success.
Afterwards, a colloquium has been opened in which immigrants have explained their living conditions, their history and their aspirations, and the students have asked freely.
Everyone has eventually been very happy with this experience of knowledge and coexistence.

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