The Palace of Villalones, also known as the Palce of Orive, in Córdoba, is haunted. By a ghost about which you may or may not want to hear.  In the XVII century, the daughter of a local official, named Blanca, found a hidden door in the huge palace where she was living. She was a very curious girl so she decided to investigate what might be beyond that door. But suddenly, and most unfortunately for her, as she passed through, the door closed shut behind her and try as she might, she couldn’t open it. Ever again. And so, there she stayed trapped and helpless, for the rest of her life. Her frantic father did everything he could to find her, but all his efforts were in vain. Day after day, month after month, his daughter  remained missing. Today, hundreds of years later, neighbours still affirm that just ocassionally, an extremely pale, lost and sad-looking young lady appears wandering aimlessly through the building. Although some people are too afraid to visit, it is one of the most beautiful examples of Renaissance civil architecture in Córdoba. No wonder Blanca had been curious to find out what was behind that door! The doorways with their decorated arches are in fact among most interesting aspects of the palace as are the different floors, no two of which are alike; they are all quite distinct, each with their own particular style. The upper floor, for example, is truly majestic and full of light, overlooking as it does the gorgeous garden below. In contrast, the lower floor is almost uninhabitable thanks to the persistent gloom and its almost unbearable humidity. Currently, this place, so full of history, is the headquarters of the Cultural Delegation of the Córdoba City Council. Would you dare visit?


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