Patio in Pastora Street

This patio is located in the popular neighborhood of San Lorenzo, on Pastora Street, 2.
It was a house of neighbors where ten families came to live. In 1979 the idea of the owner was to set up a nut shop and subsequently live there. However, all changed in 2000 because he decided to renew it completely.
The entrance of the patio is composed of a semicircular arch supported by columns of smooth shaft with black capitals, all of Cordovan origin. The “enchinado cordobés” is one of the three types of soil in this patio. In addition, there is an Arab well and an eleventh-century drill.
In the center of the patio there is a laurel, an orange tree and an olive tree, which represent the Roman, Arab and Jewish culture.
Pastora Street, 2
Elena Luna Castilla 1st. Bach. A

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