A traditional dish that you really should try….

Córdoba is a beautiful city that boasts many unique historical buildings such as the Mosque (La Mezquita) or the Palace of Viana (El Palacio de Viana) to name but a couple of examples. This however is not all, the city also offers a remarkable gastronomic experience. You’ve probably heard about salmorejo but, should you not know exactly what it is, keep on reading and you will find out!

Tomatoes, bread and olive oil are the main ingredients used to make this traditional cold soup that is perfect for the extremely high temperatures of Córdoba in summer. People typically eat this dish during the hot summer days accompanied as often as not by a potato omlette (another traditional Cordoban delight). Salmorejo has a paste-like texture and is a dish that has been made for untold generations. The first to cook salmorejo didn’t use tomatoes, instead, they simply used olive oil, bread and garlic. Many years later, people started to include tomatoes in the recipe. However, not all tomatoes can be used. The best type are those that grow in the Guadalquivir valley, in Córdoba, due to their rich and juicy texture. As already mentioned, it is traditionally made with tomatoes, bread, olive oil and garlic, but over the years, the recipe has evolved and nowadays you can find cold soups based on  salmorejo where the main ingredient might be for example, almonds intead of tomatoes. This version is called Mazamorra. Another example is the gazpacho. Gazpacho is similar to salmorejo but water is added, ideally icy-cold. As it therefore more of a liquid than a soup, you don’t use a spoon to consume it but you drink it directly! After many years of salmorejo being known only in Spain, it is now a dish that can be found all over the world. Even so, the best salmorejos, withought a doubt, are prepared in Córdoba and it is here that you need to come if you want to try it in all its gastronomical glory.

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