• Chronicle of our first meeting

    The first meeting among the teachers who coordinate the project “Cities with Intangible Heritage” took place in Córdoba during 15th  – 18th October. Our school welcomed the foreign teachers from Edirne, Cremona, Vienna and Palermo.

    The agenda of those days was divided between work sessions and visits to the most interesting places in our city. During the work sessions we prepared the activities of the project, agreed about the sharing of the tasks and exchanged ideas about the next meetings with students. There was also a training session in Augmented Reality, taught by a specialist and organized by the Center of Teachers of Córdoba.

    The meeting also served to create bonds of friendliness and trust among the participants.

    Foreign teachers had the opportunity to enjoy some visits, specially intended to offer them a general knowledge of the history and culture of our city. Among such visits we would highlight the ones to the Mosque – Cathedral and to some medieval and baroque churches; attending an equestrian show in the Royal Stables, especially related to our project, since the Viennese intangible heritage is precisely the Spanish Riding School; and the tour about the popular courtyards and those of the Viana Palace.

    On Saturday, we had a trip to Seville, where we visited the Cathedral, the Royal Alcazars and the Plaza de España. All the teachers declared themselves delighted with the beauty of these places.

    It was very satisfying to check the enthusiasm of all the members of the project and the good understanding with which we have started this new Erasmus, in which we have put so many expectations.

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